Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Painting Vinyl Siding!

       Can you paint vinyl siding? You bet'cha! You just have to know a few hard and fast rules.  First of all the prep work. It has to clean from all dirt and pollutants.
Yes, Vinyl Siding can be Painted!
        We prefer Pressure Washing because it's faster and we think it does a better job, but a broom or scrub brush will work just as well. If the siding is newer it may not need cleaning, but usually when people are at the point of painting vinyl siding it's because it has a few years of age on it. Mix up a 5 gal bucket, containing 3 gals water, about 4 cups of Bleach and a healthy shot of Dawn dish detergent. If your house is bad then you may wish to go with a professional cleaning product designed for vinyl siding. TSP is a wonderful siding cleaner but it will slightly glaze or etch windows, so be careful when using. Never allow any bleach or any surfactant cleaner to dry on the surface. This is the biggest cause of paint adhesion failure. Rinse, rinse, and rinse, some more.       
        Vinyl siding in good condition can be top coated right over. If it is really old and faded or has a chalky surface then we recommend a primer. It can be the top coat and primer in one, variety, or the primer by itself. For the Top Coat, choose a paint that is recommended for Vinyl siding, see the recommendations below. As to the color, always paint the same shade or tint as the existing color. Never a darker color as it will peel or warp the vinyl siding. 
That Color can Be Changed.
        Prior to painting allow the surface to completely dry. This includes any areas where water may have been forced underneath the siding during cleaning. Allow a day and maybe more depending on the time of year, and the weather to dry out. Try not to paint in direct sunlight on hot days. Set up your painting so you can work around the house in shade if possible.    
        Vinyl Safe Colors From Sherwin Williams: Sherwin Williams Co. has developed new color technology, that allows vinyl siding to be painted darker than the original color of the siding. We have not used these colors and therefore do not have a recommendation on them as of this posting date. However we do know that Sherwin Williams is a reliable company that stands behind it's products.This color technology can be produced in these SW brands: Duration, Resilience, and Super Paint.

Link for Sherwin Williams   

Porter Paints:
Acri Sheild 
Acri Pro100
Sherwin Williams:

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